The past, present & future of

the Rice Garden

foundersFirst generation Chinese-Americans, Andy Fung and Hon Lung Siu wanted to bring freshly prepared authentic Chinese inspired dishes to the tables of families across America. Bringing time honored recipes and ages of experience between them, everything started and ended with the wok and its fire. They focused on the freshness of the ingredients and the quality of their dishes while maintaining a great value. Soon thereafter the first Rice Garden restaurant was opened in Long Beach, California in 1994.

Fresh Chinese becomes

Wok Fired Asian

bbqpork19 years later, the Rice Garden remains committed to freshness, value and taste. With 15 locations within California, Arizona, Utah, and Texas, thousands of families have enjoyed Master Fung’s mouth watering slow roasted BBQ pork and “the best orange chicken” to ever come out of a wok.

These days, we’re working even harder to create dishes that will deliver amazing flavors and provide our guests with an experience they can appreciate. “Wok Fired Asian” is our essence. Borrowing spices and ingredients from neighboring Asian countries, we will introduce flavors that are sure to delight the palates of all ages. Skillfully wokked and freshly prepared, the Rice Garden focuses on what our guests have enjoyed since day one by preparing smaller batches, more often.

Our goal is simple. We want to share our love of wok fired Asian inspired favorites in a simple and honest way. We’re happy to offer a taste of anything you would like from our steam table. After all, it’s made for you, wokked by us.